Blue Crush

One size
Price: $240.00 each

Red Cape with glitter black hearted lining 
Price: $200.00 each

Blue Cape with Blue/Green Lining 
Price: $280.00 each

Yellow cape with orange/gold lining 
Price: $250.00 each

Flower Crush Royal Cape

Black chiffon cape with sparkly flower lining 
Price: $300.00 each

White Dynasty Reloaded

White cape with heavy silver lining 
Price: $280.00 each

Royal Blue Cape

Sold out- to place order, please send us an email at
Price: $300.00 each

10 pound hand made royal cape

Heavy hand made bead work. Beautiful cape-10 pounds!  Delivery options might vary for this item
Price: $1,900.00 each
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